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Alphi and his friends

Alphi and his friends care about the Universe.  They live far, far away from Earth, but even so, they can see very well what´s going on down there, and it´s a big part of their job to look after us humans.  Come and join them as they embark on adventures to  save the beautiful things around us that might disappear if we are not more careful with our world.



Alphi lives with his twink(le) sister Bella far, far away in the star city of Centaurus.  Alphi and Bella are very close, they enjoy doing lots of things like astrosurfing, playing galaxiball, and twinkling together to outshine the older stars.  Alphi is a bit  cheeky and sometimes gets himself into trouble.    


Bella is very proud of Alphi and follows him wherever he goes.  She also likes to play galaxiball and she plays striker for Centaurus City Girl's team.   She tries to keep Alphi out of trouble, but it doesn't always work.  Bella likes to travel, which is good because Centaurus is in the Southern sky, a long journey from the Constellation Council. 


Lucy Bright lives in Lightchester with her parents.  She is a very inquisitive young lady, who is always asking lots of questions about the world around her.  She loves animals and plants. She also likes to play in the park with her friends. Lucy used to be scared of the dark until she met Alphi and his friends. 


Big Dipper is the Head of the Constellation Council . He's a really BIG bear  and everyone, including Alphi and Bella, are just a little bit scared of him, and his growly voice. Underneath however, he has a heart of gold, and is very wise.

 If you look hard up into the night sky towards the North, you will easily be able to see him, looking over everyone.


Queen Cassiopeia is a bit vain, she thinks she looks beautiful, but to be fair she is!  She's never too far away from the Big Boss, and likes to think of herself as number two in the Constellation Council, although the others may not always agree.   


Bootes the Shepherd or Herdsman looks after lots of stars, as well as sheep and cows.      His most famous star citizen Arcturus, is one of the brightest stars in the Northern sky.  Bootes is a bit of a dreamer, but so would you be if you spent all day counting sheep!              


Orion the Hunter is a tough guy.  Two of his most famous star citizens are Rigel and Betelgeuse.  Nearly everyone recognizes Orion because he has a very fancy belt and carries his famous bow and arrow with him everywhere.